Rachel Rutt is an emerging artist born and raised in Hong Kong and Japan. Emigrating to Australia in her mid teens, her visual arts practice is informed specifically by racial identity and evolution, and the social distortions arising from the demands of assimilation. Often working with textiles, Rachel creates woven and knitted sculptures, embarking on narratives of empathy, memory, and the daily question of cultural convergence.

With an ongoing career in the fashion industry, paired with studies at the Hand Weaver’s and Spinner’s Guild of New South Wales, her further interests are in sustainability initiatives: reducing fashion consumption and highlighting the meditative qualities of the Slow movement. This includes teaching workshops for practical mending skills.

Using as much locally sourced, minimally processed materials as possible, each piece featured on this website has been lovingly and thoughtfully hand-made at her studio in Sydney, Australia.

A special thank you to Natalia Parsonson for her contribution in documenting this work.